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Tips to Sell SEO to those who are not aware about SEO

SEO is a concept which is understood well by fraternity associated with online marketing, but for others it is like a term about which they have knowledge. Even developers, designers and employees from different departments in a company are not aware of SEO and its importance.

This sometimes leads to conflicts between SEO consultants and developers/designers. This article will help us know how to sell SEO to those who are completely unaware about SEO and some of them who have not heard about it too. For a SEO company to provide service to those companies who are not literate on the benefits of SEO is a challenging task.

Often, some companies make big mistake of not giving correct information about SEO and its benefits and this results in misleading their clients about the process and benefits of SEO. This is absolutely a wrong an approach. Companies do so to get projects faster without thinking about the benefits in long term and end up degrading the reputation in the market and creating misconception among clients about SEO.

Let us SEO how to sell SEO to people who aren’t aware of SEO

  1. Educate them It will not be easy for any business to get new clients until and unless they have proven successful record in the past. The major problem is ignoring target prospects. They basically know what they want to achieve but aren’t aware about how to go about it. In such cases they need to be educated on the prospects and benefits of SEO and how they can help their business grow and reach their targeted online population globally, which helps your business become global. It is better to be sure that the client has a website so that you can chase the prospect for your client’s business. If your client is not having a website, then you need to make him understand the importance of having a website and convince him to get one.

  2. Explain how search engines operate Before you explain your client about SEO, first try to explain about how search engines operate. You need to be very careful while doing so. Remember not to explain too much technically as they won’t understand even a bit of it and lose interest in SEO and thereby losing business too. When you begin with the conversation avoid using terms like algorithms of search engines, indexing, crawlers, robots or any such similar terms.

  3. Explain SEO After explaining how search engines operate in detail, next step would be to unleash SEO , the process and the benefits of SEO. Explain SEO keeping in mind the search engine aspects so that the client gets a clear understanding of prospects easily. Make sure you explain them SEO in a simple way and also make sure they are listening and following you. Remember do not include SEO jargons in your discussions and if possible explanation through online presentation would be the ideal method to give your clients a fair idea about SEO.

  4. Clear the misconceptions about SEO This is the best thing you can do to gain the confidence of your client. Clear the misconceptions about SEO as it is sometimes marketed by fake people who portray themselves as SEO professionals. Most of the SEO service provider market themselves by claiming to be giving guaranteed results and surety about increasing sales etc., make sure your client is not under this false impression else you too can end up degrading your reputation. It is not about just education your client but right education combined with marketing message can help.

  5. Keywords- Building blocks for SEO SEO professional understand the significance of keywords well, so why not let your client know about it too. Describe them how important the keywords are. How the keywords are used by the user to search for relevant websites and how the search engines rank the website based on the usage. Also explain the significance of keyword research and how it becomes the most significant part in the process of SEO.

  6. Talk about the difference between traditional and SEO marketing

When you are trying to convince your client, you can also expect the questions from them, which might not be expected you. For example they can ask you why they should opt for SEO when they already have traditional marketing methods. The question of course is logical and you need to answer this very carefully so that your conversation remains on its original track. You can explain them that investment and time to get positive results are the factors that differentiates the two marketing methods. Traditional marketing needs huge amounts of investments whereas SEO costs are very less compared to traditional marketing.

It is better to be clear on everything that your clients expects and explain them if there are some additional services that you provide.