Selling and Consulting SEO

Tips to provide SEO consultation to big brands

SEO consultants find it quite challenging to provide SEO consultation to websites associated with big brands. Dealing with managers and executives working at different levels is one of the biggest problems they face.

The fact is that the normal SEO techniques implemented for big and small sites don’t change. However, the problems that the SEO consultants get to deal with are far more different. First one is the size of a large business site. Small websites comprise of say a hundred pages website whereas large sites consists of website pages in thousands and these pages tend to increase with time. Another important factor is about is strength of people engaged in website management and maintenance for these large websites. When it comes to small site, most of the times, the business owners takes all the necessary decisions, whereas in case of large websites there could be 10 more people involved in decision making.

There are some tips listed below that can help SEO consultants such as solve the problems that they face while providing SEO consultants for big brands

A SEO consultant, staff members and executives should be able to work together as a team, learn and share their experience with each other.